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I'm really new to the whole blog thing but I'm loving it. I enjoy sharing my life with family & friends and I love expressing my creativity. I also hope to give encouragement to all that cross my path. I hope you enjoy.
Semper Fi !!

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I started this blog to reach out to all the ladies in the military scene,you know who you are. The wives, girlfriends, fiancées, mothers, sisters.I have a passion for encouraging women on this wonderful road called military life.

I want to be there for people who need a listening ear. I also want to be able to pray for them and show them that God "has your back" all you need to do is trust Him. I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and He is my first love I couldn't get through any deployment or life situation without His constant encouragement and peace. I want this blog to show the JOY you can have in the storms of life and be able to see that each and every trial that we go through is for our good, it is to make us stronger. 
We all know that military has a tendency to create a lot of stress and emotional separation from the man we love, but there is Hope when we have God in our lives. Put into perspective we realize that we are here for a purpose; First to Love God with ALL our hearts and 2nd to stand by our men, and third to nurture our families.

I am no angel I have faults just like every other lady, but I know that every thing I am going through will someday be used to minister to somebody someday.
When you look at the broken down car and bills billing up and medical issues from a different perspective you realize that its making you stronger and more able to help someone that will need your past experience to empathize and give advice. In a way I look at life as a constant never ending Boot camp always challenging me and making me better at my job ( currently Student, daughter, girlfriend encourager) when you look at it this way you see that each thing is to make you better. 

Thank you for stopping by my little place in the world and remember there is ALWAYS HOPE !!

Amber joy, fellow military girl, and friend.
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