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I'm really new to the whole blog thing but I'm loving it. I enjoy sharing my life with family & friends and I love expressing my creativity. I also hope to give encouragement to all that cross my path. I hope you enjoy.
Semper Fi !!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crashing Down

I have been doing great at my new job until today..... I had been working for a few hours straight, like some REALLY intense hours and it started at 5:30AM.  well anyway I was carrying a tray with about 30 to 40 lbs. of dishes on it... well you can guess what happened I went to set it down and CRASH !!! I dropped that tray... on my poor toes no less.  I spilled  HOT coffee all down my leg and pretty sure I broke about $300 dollars worth of dishes .. boy am I glad they don't take it out of my pay!  I was already having a rough morning and when this happened I was saying to myself  "don't cry don't cry don't cry" I was close though I nearly cried my eyes out right there in the middle of the kitchen with the dishwasher asking me franticly if I was OK ... my face must have said it all cause people were asking me a zillion times if I was ok... oh well I am glad my boss was understanding and cared if I was hurt or not.  I really work at a great place when you break $300 dollars worth of china they ask if you would like to stay an extra shift... :)

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Well I have an early morning(up by 5 AM)  Good night and always remember its ok to have mistakes its what teaches us about life.

Semper Fi,

Amber joy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Coming Jitters and A Link up

Hello my wonderful Friends !

 I am back ... my Life kind of DEMANDED  /suggested I take a break from the bloggy world and work really hard at my new job (been doing great with that) Have my car engine BLOW !! aka dead aka I"m really in trouble, ( No worries God is AMAZING  He provided a new engine for a great price).

Now I am at the point where my savings say 0000000 ( thats a lot of ZERO's if you couldn't tell) ;) and my Bills list is HUGE !!  so I'm at a point where I need to save EVERY penny to be able to have enough money for my 12 hour drive to see my man come home !!  Note: I HAD a great lil "travel savings envelope with $400 dollars in it.. BUT this thing called buying a new engine for my car made that envelope go from LOTS to 000000 ( more zero's ) lol . so thats my life the last month or so in a nutshell. More to come I'm sure these next few weeks are going to be pretty INTENSE !... ......... Here goes everything!!!


I am going crazy I can't focus on anything and yet I have a ZILLION things to get done, deployment number 2 is nearly done and I am BEYOND excited.  I finally got my homecoming sign that I had custom made, which of course made me even MORE excited about homecoming!!....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH   ok I'm really... I"m  fine .. fewf.... wow I made it !!! I am really proud of myself !! but I couldn't have done it without my support system. (aka  God, my family, close friends and my blog) YAY for support !!!!

Does anyone else get these jitters ? I hope I'm not the only one ...  anyway I'm going completely bonkers and making TONS of lists... yeah I'm a list girl everything I do/ plan usually ends up on a list. :) its how I keep my sanity .. haha

On a sad note I missed a LONG awaited phone call from my man by 23 minutes !! I haven't talked to my love in over 3 weeks !!!  I'm sure you can guess that I cried all the way home from work :(
anyway.... time marches on.. WHOA .. speaking of time I got to get going .... See ya later folks !! I'm off to get this list done ..

PS. I'll definitely have some GREAT pictures of homecoming soon !!

Semper FI !!!!!

Amber joy

oh yeah almost forgot ! my song ! Love me some Blake Shelton ! and of course his latest song Honey Bee !!



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