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Semper Fi !!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goodnight Moon Link Up: wk 9 and a Lil braggin' about my man.

Good morning Friends ! I hope you are having an AMAZING day. My week has been pretty amazing. My wonderful man called me 2 nights ago and we talked for over 30 minutes.

          I need to just brag about my man for a little bit. He is the perfect man for me ! If God gave me the "tools" to create a man I couldn't have created a more perfect man than the one I have. He can tell when I need him to just say "I love you". He is gentle and strong at the same time. He is selfless and is always ready to help ANYONE if they need it. He is a wonderful teacher and is very patient with me (I have lots to learn about having a healthy relationship). He's a great communicator and he is loyal. He is going to make an amazing husband and father someday. He is my Hero, my love, my better half. and quite frankly I MISS HIM TONS !!!
 What about YOU?? Tell me 3 things you love about your man !!

Semper Fi, Amber joy

About the Song

I don't remember where we were but the song "She's everything" by Brad Paisley came on and my man looked over at me and said "every time I hear this song I think of you"  I LOVE that he's romantic cause I'm not real good at it.  ENJOY ~!

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  1. This is one of my favorite Brad Paisley songs! It's so sweet :) Hmm...if I had to pick three things I love about my man they would be:

    1.) He's an amazing provider! He gets up everyday and works hard to provide for our family, so I can stay home with our daughter.

    2.) He is my calm place. No matter what chaos is going on around me or in our life, he is always so calm and encouraging.

    3.) He is supportive. He stands behind me 100% no matter what I decide to do.

  2. Brad Paisley sure can write a nice love song.

  3. Great song!

    1. He lets me be independent and supports me in all I want to do. I feel so lucky to have a husband, who has a Marine Corps career, who backs me up in my educational and career pursuits, which are also very demanding.

    2. Nothing is better than seeing him play with my daughter.

    3. He drives pretty much everywhere we go. I hate driving. :)

  4. Brad Paisley was our first dance. I love him. Great song.

    Ok 3 things

    1. I am pretty much the craziest person, emotionally, you will ever meet. And he is the ONLY guy that knows how to handle it, and calm me down at the same time.

    2. He gets along with EVERYONE he meets. I can leave him alone in a room with complete strangers, even all girls, and he just chats it up. He is amazing like that.

    3. He tells me he loves me every day. Kisses me goodnight every single night. And kisses me goodbye every single morning. He loves me.

    I could go on and on. Thanks for letting me share!

  5. Newly following you back! I LOVE that song Brad Paisley has a way of tugging at your heart strings :)

    1. My husband is the most understanding man I know. Period.

    2. He almost never argues about anything with me. Lol maybe he just knows better?

    3. He loves spending time with JUST me. And I LOVE that cuz I LOVE spending time with just him!

  6. thanks for following!
    cute song :)

  7. Brad Paisley is the man. period. haha I love this song, it's one of my favorites.

    My hubby actually changes the lyrics.. lol to this song to really "FIT" me :)


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