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I'm really new to the whole blog thing but I'm loving it. I enjoy sharing my life with family & friends and I love expressing my creativity. I also hope to give encouragement to all that cross my path. I hope you enjoy.
Semper Fi !!

Monday, February 28, 2011

A day at the mall

          I had a VERY eventful weekend. My little sister came to visit me. I thought it would be fun to go to the mall and she had a coupon to one of my favorite stores so off we went.  While at the mall we had some adventures :) the first one happened over lunch, have you ever noticed that mall food is GROSS and EXPENSIVE !?? .   Anyway we went to saboro pizza and each got a slice. First they just slapped my sisters piece onto a plate and I kindly said that we didn't want COLD pizza and I told them to heat it up. The clerk rolled their eyes and proceeded to put our pizza in the oven.  Within a few minutes our pizza was being handed to us except mine was missing something ... my slice of pizza had  BITE out of it !!!    

           After that we shopped a little more and headed to the car. Low and behold my car wouldn't start !.. of course stubborn girl that I am didn't call for help right away I tried to start my car quite a few times first ... then I flagged down to guys in the parking lot that I THOUGHT they might possibly have some knowledge about cars...sadly I was mistaken, and these dudes barely knew what a battery was. They tried jump starting the car but it didn't work so they gladly said goodbye.

         After a short while later and many more attempts it still wouldn't start.  Then a nice lady came up with her little blue VW with her twin boys they were SO cute !!  The nice lady tried to help by jumping again, but it still wasn't starting. (someone I know said my car is just as stubborn and I am) imagine that ..lol When the starting thing didn't work she packed us like sardines in a lil can and drove us to a parts store where I bought a new battery (hopping that would fix all my problems) wrong again... we got it back, installed it and still nothing. At that point I called peoples what can I say the whole trying things on my own wasn't working to well and it only accomplished getting me 75 dollars in the hole.  Finally we got home after my car was smacked with a hammer, I was so tired and did some homework and went to bed.
        I don't want to see the mall for a VERY long time.
 Semper Fi, Amber joy

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Have I Learned Anyway ??

"Education is not about just filling your head with  information it is about learning and understanding" ~ Unknown

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        I have learned a great deal about education this past week. I have learned that taking three science/math classes in one semester is crazy. I am a very stubborn young woman and I was told by many people close to me that I was breaking off more than I could chew this semester but did I listen ...nooooo I had to learn these things the hard way.  I have been thinking really hard about my approach to my goal of becoming a nurse. I have realized that my expectations on myself are WAY to high. I need to look at my goal and be more realistic of course all this came about AFTER I nearly drowned myself in unrealistic expectations and classes. I am here to say I am a "humbled tigger". I have now started the long and refreshing journey of lowering the expectation line just a little bit (without compromising my goal) in-order to become a healthy, organized, talented nurse someday, and its OK if it takes longer than I want because I realized rushing to get a degree is the stupidest thing to do because when you rush something you tend to lose the QUALITY for the quantity.
What about you ,Are you goals way to high ? Should you maybe sit down and rethink your approach of accomplishing your goal?
Something to think about.

Semper Fi ,
Amber Joy


"God Found some really strong women and made their match a US Marine"~ unknown
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Memories ♥

         I LOVE telling stories... especially ones about me and my marine. :)  I was sitting in bed thinking about the memories we have made.I decided to share one of my memories with you.
Let me paint you a picture....Its a beautiful hot July day on a North Carolina beach..... there is  a girl who's head over combat boots in love. She won't admit it to herself for anything.
         It was the second day of meeting my marine, witnesses say it was like a magnetic charge was between us and that we were to stubborn to see that we were both in puppy love. I certainly didn't see that we were all sparkles and smiles together.  I was told that they were laughing inside at us saying to themselves its only a matter of time before these two are together.  
         Anyway.... we were on the beach with friends and my man was teasing and showing off a lil bit (I was watching but pretending to ignore it).  I was actually quite oblivious for the most part really I was ... I couldn't tell that he really wanted to wrap me in his arms, the sneaky man figured out a way to do it without freaking out a somewhat distant nonphysical touch kind of girl.( I have since reformed..lol). I was by the waters edge and was enjoying my view of miles of ocean when all of a sudden I was completely airborne and couldn't figure out how this came about. Until I looked down at what was around my waist, and I saw one strong muscular arm of a certain marine.
       At that point I was slightly panicked I then began to yell at him to ..I quote "PUT ME DOWN" .. inside I really didn't want him to but oh the things we do because we worry about what other people will think.  He actually was about to dunk me head first into the ocean but got this WISE revelation that he should put the girl down and swim far enough into the ocean where she couldn't reach him That is what he did.  After a long time and a few weeks of officially dating I asked him about that day and he confessed that he really wanted to put his arms around me and thats the only way he thought would work without freaking me out. He is really smart until then I had thought it was just  silly and that he had no real motive to what he did.
          I will always remember that moment  I felt really dainty,  my man picked me up with ONE arm...  I have a really strong man and I love him so very much.
    I look forward to the many more memories that we can make together. :)
I love you handsome man !! stay safe and come home soon so we can make more memories. ♥♥♥
Semper Fi, Amber joy

2nd Day meeting my man. First picture together
(again taken against our will,.. we didn't want pictures together.. "Yet")

Friday, February 18, 2011

Serious.. or not so serious now that is the question....

 I often have a hard time when it comes to making schedules and appointments. I am the type of girl that if you come up to me bleeding profusely I keep completely calm and I'm able to evaluate the situation with ease. However, IF you tell me I have to do something related to paperwork or scheduling stuff I seem to lose all sanity.  I have realized that along with Bio, Chemistry, and algebra. I am learning to handle LOTS of paper work and doctor appointments (due to my car accident). I must say I find  it harder to evaluate paperwork related things, compared to physical emergencies. I find it much easier to deal with "life or death" situations, crazy right ?? From what I'm told most people are just the opposite as  me and panic with "life and death" and are calm as a cucumber when they get a paper. I remind myself that paperwork will always be in my life and if I want to be a good wife and helpmate to my man someday I must get this paper work thing down pat.  If you have any amazing tips on keeping it all together "Paperwork speaking" .. feel free to let me know. I'm eager to learn all I can.Semper Fi , Amber joy
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Monday, February 14, 2011

♥♥ Valentines Day ♥♥

I must say I have had the most AMAZING valentines day under the currant circumstances. I got a text from my girl Bethany T, saying that I just had to be at her house at 2pm. I was of course thinking of what she could have possibly done. I was like .. hmm... could Donnie have sent me something through her? and she was going to give it to me. Of course I thought maybe just maybe he came home really early and he was there waiting for me ( I Know crazy thought but we get disoriented sometimes...lol).  When I walked in she was like "close your eyes" I was scared... then she led me by the hand and then said "open your eyes".... and this is what I saw.....
           She is the BEST friend of all time !!! I have never had this awesome of a valentines day in the  20 something years I've been alive.  In the great words of Bethany "Donnie is going to have to one up me" lol..
Of course she wasn't done she followed our DELICIOUS lunch with ... one of my all time FAVORITES, canollis....
I must say that I really enjoyed my surprise and as for you Donnie .. just being you and being in my arms is PLENTY for valentines day or any day for that matter I love you babe !!! Stay safe my love, Semper Fi, Amber joy
                                    The Love of my life ♥♥♥♥
~vanilla twilight~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love this song....

 Hope you enjoy it too ....
Love you handsome !! stay safe

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Some heroes where capes.. my hero wheres combat boots."

"American by birth.. Marine's girl by the grace of God"

"If you love your FREEDOM.... thank my Marine."

Semper Fi , Amber Joy 

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Wonderful Man LOVES me !

Who had an AMAZING morning?? ME !!.... Who got a call from her amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, handsome, Man?? ME !!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express the excitement I was in and still am in from my wonderful man's call this morning. I am sure I will be floating on cloud nine until he calls again. :) Have I told you how amazing and wonderful my man is?? well he is.. end of story!!  I will go through anything to be his girl no matter how hard life gets. Living life to the fullest is not for the weak hearted. Being with a marine is HARD don't get me wrong but I would choose him a zillion times over again. he is my match, my love. I am so very thankful that God has brought us together.
Heres me floating on cloud nine..... Semper Fi, Amber joy In love with her man :)

Communication is the KEY

I left for class a little early so I could stop in to see my Bio Professor. I wanted to talk to her about having my phone on in her class. I told her how my boyfriend is a Marine and how he's deployed and that I have missed 2 phone calls from my man in her class within a week. She was extremely caring and understanding I almost broke down and cried right there in her office when she said it was ok if I left her class to take a call. Moral of the story; always be in communication with your professors (there not heartless people) you will be surprised how kind hearted many of them are but they have to hide that in there class so as to keep order. There are way too many kids in college who don't want to be there and need a drill instructor instead of a teacher.
I am so full of joy right now I could dance and cry and laugh and sing all at the same time, most likely I'll just cry.
Thank you to my wonderful Bio teacher for understanding.
Semper Fi, Amber joy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Missed call = lots of tears....

I'm sure you can guess from the title that I got a call from my amazing man and was in class AGAIN and couldn't answer it. I am already a little emotional and that put me right over the edge  He left a voicemail and he sounded tired and sad and I could tell he was aching to talk to me, hearing that in his voice made me cry lots and lots... had a dry spell then cried some more. In-between  sobs I prayed for him and prayed that God would give him strength for what ever he was going through, It feels as though my heart breaks every time I miss his call. I am sending him my class schedule in my next care package so that he will know when to call me and know when I'm in class. I really really really hope my man tries to call me again tonight. I miss talking to him SO much. My nightly ritual is listening to his voicemails and trying to remind myself  that I will see him again soon. This so hard, I need strength Lord give me grace and strength because I am too weak to go this alone. Semper Fi, Amber Joy

my handsome man    (on right)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Should be doing homework

Ok so I should be doing homework but I'm having one of those I miss you like crazy moments. I don't know , you can call it hormones or whatever you like. I missed a phone call from my man because I was in bio class. It broke my heart to see he had called and I didn't answer it. He left me the most amazingly sweet voicemail, man I love that man. I hope he tries to call me again soon and that I will be able to answer it. I have been finding new military ladies to encourage me while I try my best to encourage others. I remind myself that I'm not the only girl out there missing her man and I won't be the last this is not all about me.  
Semper Fi, Amber Joy 

Found this song and it made my heart ache... I know this is what my man  is thinking right now....
Red Trees
Black n' White
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Its never to cold to take pictures......

My canidates were very uncoroporative :)

Winter Peace
Out of Fucus
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What do you get when you mix 3 hours of chemistry class, finding out you gained weight, and PMS ?? I shall tell you I makes you get low grades... I can't express enough how I need to take Extra care of myself during that time of the month. My brain just can't think and have you ever noticed how life is all scrambled and discombobulated  during PMS? I'm just being real here in the great words of my man " Don't let ANYTHING get you down" I added  (even PMS) I will tell you right now I have been quoting that statement daily. Thanks babe for that encouraging Voicemail. Te amo Semper Fi , Amber Joy
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How my brain feels

I Will Follow Him

"I Will Follow Him"
Love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep me away
I must follow him, ever since he touched my hand I knew
That near him I always must be
And nothing can keep him from me
He is my destiny
I love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
He'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now until forever, forever, forever
I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my love
I love him, I love him, I love him
And where he goes I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
He'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love
From now until forever, forever, forever
I will follow him, follow him wherever he may go
There isn't an ocean too deep
A mountain so high it can keep, keep me away
Away from my love
Do-do do-do-do do-do-do and where he goes
I'll follow, I'll follow, I'll follow
I know I'll always love him

I Love this song It truly speaks my heart...
Semper Fi , Amber Joy

Care Packages

I must confess I am not very good at getting care packages out to my man. I feel just awful about it, I know he understands but there is no excuse good enough in my mind.  It doesn't matter that I spend an average of 2 hours of homework every night. I must remind myself that I need to make sending encouraging packages and letters to my man a priority, its just as important as getting an A in algebra(still working to achieve that one..lol). So I encourage you all out there to send a care package this week. Your man will be encouraged
Semper Fi , Amber Joy

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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I think I am ready for snow to be done.. and spring to be here... Until then I will try to think of 5 reasons to be thankful for snow...
1. Its beautiful
2. It makes for "Adventurous" driving
3. It does wonders by making college close and delay on exam days
4. It brings water to many areas so that we will have a well moistened spring for crops to grow
5. hmm... It builds GREAT character in kids and adults alike when you have to shovel.. and shovel and shovel
well there you have it Lets see if you can add to my list make a comment if your out there peoples
Semper Fi , Amber Joy

PMS (pretty mad sister)

PMS is a puzzling disorder yes I say its a disorder because no matter how "prepared" I am for it I still feel all discombobulated  and confused. Today I had 3 hours of chemistry class and 1 1/2 hours of algebra class plus an exam. On a normal day I would not have bat an eye but today if felt like I was trying to memorize the dictionary or something. I have exciting news though I have found a secret weapon that combats the symptoms of PMS it may not be a cure but at least it helps with keeping your sanity. The wonder pill(yes its THAT easy swallow a pill) it is called Evening Primrose Oil and when I first came into contact with it I was of course skeptical as all the rest of you BUT it really does work !! Moral of my tale is to TRY it and see how it works for you your man will thank you and so will all the other people having to deal with your "lovely" disorder. Semper Fi , Amber Joy
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 Actual Flower of Evening Primrose

Monday, February 7, 2011

P.S Sleep with your phone...

Some may think that sleeping with your phone is a ridiculous idea, NOT for me it isn't nor for any other "military girl" (yes we are military) Our men need us supporting them through every detail of their "adventure"even if its as simple as sleeping with our phones so that IF he needs to hear our voice at 3am we will be ready for that call.  I encourage all of you ladies that though you may sleep 40 nights with not so much as a beep out of your phone, your patience and long suffering will be rewarded. 
Keep your Chin up ladies!!

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Semper Fi,
  Amber Joy

Trusting that in God's sweet time you will get to spend an evening watching the sunset together <3
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Blog.. what a name

Blog is a very funny name but I think it will be a useful tool.
Hi all my name is Amber and I have created this blog so that I may hopefully encourage fellow Military girlfriends and wives, although I am still new to this whole military thing I look forward to learning about it and growing through  the "Hard Stuff"  please feel free to contact me with questions and I will be more than happy to reach out to you.
Semper Fi , Amber joy

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