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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goodnight Moon Link Up: week 2

Welcome to my blog, Amber over at goodnight moon is doing this cool song link up thing, I think it is a GREAT Idea and can't wait to listen to all the other songs on  blogs I follow and maybe make some new friends.

I have had a hard week in general and its not even over yet. I have been missing my man tons and trying to stay focused on my classes but it seems I can't. I sometimes go through a time where I feel alone out here and don't think any one understands the whole "being with a military man thing". I started a blog randomly and found some AMAZING support through all these other wonderful ladies blogs who are imagine! going through the same or similar stuff as me.
I just want to thank you ladies for giving support and putting yourself out there, so that girls like me (brand new to Marine corp girlfriend life) can be encouraged.
Semper Fi Amber joy

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This song makes me think of my man and miss him cause we would listen to music together all the time, I had this as a text tone while my man was stateside and when he text me it played, now that I hear it I feel sad because he can't text me. 


  1. i love you song choice :) I honestly love Amber from Goodnight Moon because none of my friends understand what i'm going through so i'm lucky i decided to start blogging (i'm not the best) :D


  2. Isn't it great how a song can just bring you back to a moment, good or bad. I'm glad that this song reminds you of your man. I know it isn't easy missing him, and the days seem like they drag on and on and on. Try not to look at the calander much, that helped me a LOT! There is a great network of milblogs out here that will help you get through it! It's a great support system!

    Thanks for linking up on my blog. I look forward to hearing your song next week!

  3. Oh Akon, I love his voice. All of his songs remind me of high school. I've never heard this song but I am a new fan of it. Welcome to the blogging world, I have met so many wonderful military friends and mentors from it including Amber from Goodnight Moon, she was actually the reason I started blogging.

    I'm now following you!


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