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I'm really new to the whole blog thing but I'm loving it. I enjoy sharing my life with family & friends and I love expressing my creativity. I also hope to give encouragement to all that cross my path. I hope you enjoy.
Semper Fi !!

My Adventure & Our Adventure


Hello my name is Amber. I am a 20 something Marine Corps. girlfriend, I am learning a lot about being with a marine I know I have a lot more to learn but He's TOTALLY worth it. Here are a few things I've learned so far. One, never make plans just go with the punches, two always be ready for an Adventure cause when your with a marine there is an abundance of them. Three Marines work HARD and play even HARDER. 

Although its a hard life living a Zillion miles away from my man I will except the challenge and will always look forward to the "adventure" around the corner. I would not change this for the world. I love my marine with all my heart and I will stand by him. He is the best man in the whole world and I feel as though I am the LUCKIEST girl alive. He is my sunshine on a rainy day, my true love, my other half, we are a match made in a thunder and lightning storm. He is my man and I am his girl. <3

Right now at this stage in my life I am in school working on becoming an RN (registered nurse) I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 6 years old. My grandmother has been my inspiration for becoming a nurse and my man has been my constant encourager.(he never gives up on me even when I give up on myself)

My man is playing in the "sandbox". I miss him more than I have ever missed anyone in my life. He is the smartest, strongest, man I know. He lifts me up when I'm down and I can't see life without him. He has amazing character and is the most respectful gentleman I know. He treats me like a princess even though I "am no princess" He thinks I'm beautiful and never gets tired of telling me so. I am forever blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. I thank God for bringing us together. 

Love always and Semper FI ,

Amber Joy♥ 
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Oh where to begin.........

I first heard about my marine (D.) in March of 2009 I was not interested at all when my cousin Cam (a fellow marine and my man's best friend) insisted that we meet. My cousin harassed me for 8 months before I finally met D. 

I went to NC to see Cam before he left for Iraq and that is when I met my man. I was kind of stuck up and didn't really want to meet him and was very clear to express that in my body language and mannerism. He was still a gentleman and began the long journey to win me over, I was not about to surrender.

On the second day I was pretty much in puppy love,(so much for not surrendering)lol but would not admit it to myself. and that is where it began. Three days after we met my man left for his first deployment to Iraq, this is where I first came into contact with the whole waiting, wondering, and praying your loved one is safe. I don't have any real military background so this was all really new. We wrote letters and talked over the internet till he came home in October 2009.

When he came home we started to talk more on the phone and internet. and in October of that same year he came up to his parents and Cam came with him. My cousin insisted (AGAIN) that I come down to D.'s house( I tell ya Cam is quite demanding ..lol ) and that is where after only knowing this guy for a total of three days I met his parents. I was a nervous wreck worrying about if his parents and siblings would like me. At the time we were just friends so it wasn't like they were meeting the "girlfriend" kind of thing, but it sure felt like it. I did fine and his family is AMAZING they took me in like I was one of there own and I felt like I fit right in. 

Now to the present 

On the 4th of July 2010 we started dating and I can't say how happy and blessed I am to be his girl. Life doesn't get easier but its so much more amazing when you share it with the love of your life. He is currently deployed on his 2nd tour and I miss him so much. I am SO proud of my marine and cannot wait till he is back in my arms again. 

Until that day comes I will wait for him.... 

Semper Fi , Amber Joy

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