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Friday, April 1, 2011

Letters, Homecoming dresses, and April fools

        I bet you can guess from the title that I got a letter today !!!!  This marks the very first letter I have received from my love in sand-land since he left ;). Let me just bask in this glorious moment... can I say right now that my man is AMAZING.  He is a very talented writer ( though he may deny it), reading his letters makes me feel incredibly loved. The letter was marked march 9th and it only took 23 days to get here (I think thats a record)  :)
msg. on the back of my letter... just a teaser I'm not telling you what else he wrote.. ;)

       Today has also marked another GREAT moment, I have been searching for a dress for homecoming. One that suits me perfectly and makes me feel beautiful and as always I look for comfort first. :)  Well I found the dress !! its perfect and I feel beautiful in it and I know my man will think I"m beautiful no matter what I wear but its important for me to look and feel amazing.
 heres a sneak peak..... picture to come with ME in it eventually

from express website
Last, today is April fools day and I was at the mall for a short moment to get something for a special gift... but I found out that said thing was ILLEGAL in NY (stupid rules).  On a happier note I found my dress ... Anyway I found a very funny car in the lot that was pranked upon, haha and I took a picture. but my camera is being stupid so you will just have to deal with my lovely description.  You know the extra heavy duty plastic wrap ? .. well there was a car COMPLETELY covered I mean wrapped up tight in plastic wrap and then they put sticky notes all over the wrap and then in big bold letters on the back it said 4 sale. (I personally would have put free.. but thats just naughty me.)
 Well there you have it Hope you enjoyed !

Semper FI, Amber joy

PS. feeling REALLY loved and appreciated right now by my wonderful man.

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