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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodnight Moon Link Up: Life Happenings

Lots of life has happened to me in the last few weeks and that has kept me from my "other love" aka my blog :)
Lets go over what has happened.......

1. I received the dates for "stop mail" :) that makes me VERY happy.

2. I got a new job ! that is guaranteed to keep me INSANELY busy for the rest of the summer overtime pay here I come.

3. I put my 2 weeks notice into my old job, definitely looking forward to a 26 minute drive verses a 46 minute drive.

4. My car's engine BLEW ... done ... never to drive again... aka I"m screwed !  or maybe not.. I guess I'm learning more lessons on trusting God with my life.

5.  My wonderful daddy found me a new engine for under 600 dollars (a great deal) and a mechanic to put it in.  

I have one statement for you     I AM BLESSED  !! (no matter what life throws my way I am blessed).

Now on to Goodnight Moons wonderful linkup that I have missed too many of.
I have been listening to this song TONS  these past few weeks !! I just love it !!!  Here you are "Just a Kiss" by one of my favorite bands Lady Antebellum.

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  1. Yah for stop mail dates!!!! Isn't that so exciting!!!!! And congrats on your new job and less of a commute too! Especially with gas prices so high.

    Great song link-up! I love any song that has to do with kissing in it!

    And..yes...we ARE blessed! Sometimes its easy to forget that, isn't it? But we ALL are!

  2. Love me some Lady A! I heard this song performed at the Billboard Awards. Love it!

    I am happy to hear about your new job!! And of course the stop mail dates!


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