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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodnight Moon Link Up: wk 10 and A TROUBLEMAKER

 Let me first say I am not a typical student, I have been called the "trouble maker" by more than one of my professors. I don't understand why they say that... maybe I really am a trouble maker huh ?? ... Anyway I have a great story of me getting myself into trouble. I am in a 1 credit Phys Ed class. My professor is somewhat of an overload her students for fun kinda a lady. Let me give you some specs on her class first off its a 6 week class and she has assigned 3 papers two 1500 word minimum papers and one 2500 ( yes thats right two THOUSAND five hundred) minimum paper. Lets take a look at this for a sec, that is 7 and 5 PAGES !! for a ONE CREDIT course.

Ok now that I have clarified the insanity of the work load let me go on to the trouble maker part.
I decided that this was to much work for a one credit class so I typed up a petition and got 6 of my fellow classmates to sign it. They all thought I was the smartest and  craziest person on the planet. haha... after I got the signatures I made a copy for my records and proceeded to put the original in an envelope and dropped it off with her secretary.

Next class period I had butterflies.  I didn't know how she was going to react to it. In the petition I stated that her expectations were out of proportion and that we as a class wanted the word count for the rest of the semester to be reduced to 900 word minimum.
She comes in and says "I have something to say class".. (my heart went into my stomach and my academic life flashed before my eyes...lol)  Then she said "in case some of you didn't know this .. some of your classmates made a petition to have the word minimum reduced from 2500 to 900... I just want to say that I am proud of them"...( I was like WHAT ??... proud?? that wasn't what I was expecting..lol)

 She then says "I don't completely agree with the petition but I have decided to grant your request and even better I'm going to one up you .. I am going to make your last paper only 500 word minimum requirement" ( I was like WHAT ! and nearly fell out of my chair from shock !! The last thing she said was " I've been teaching  over 17 years and I have NEVER had a student challenge me or my requirements"  I was like thats because you  never met ME !! I was the first and It felt pretty good to challenge someone and WIN .. I think I might be addicted !..lol  there were High Fives all around in the hallway my classmates said I was awesome.

The moral of the story don't be scared to challenge something ! you never know what will happen.  Think outside the box, go against the grain every now and then.. or even better all the time like me ! you will never have a dull moment in life. !!
Semper Fi, Amber Joy

JOIN THE FUN !!  Awesome link up !!

As for my song Its been raining with LOTS of thunder and lightning and FLOODING in my town which is completely crazy and I've been missing my man like crazy!!  Soooo I though it appropriate  that I play Naturally by selena gomez  ENJOY .. and sorry about the long post .. if you read the whole thing you should get a prize !!

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  1. Great song choice. I also blogged about the crazy weather this week. INSANITY! Hope you and yours are okay!

  2. You go girl! Woohoo! I would of NEVER had the guts to do that to one of my professors! :) Kudos! I also love me some Selena Gomez, so thanks for sharing! We just some sunshine here after DAYS of rain, so hopefully you'll be getting some soon too! Sending warm sunshine wishes your way!

  3. Ok I found this post hilarious, so I just read it out loud to my husband. I finally read your signature to him and he goes "OH! Well THAT makes sense! She's a Marine wife! Of COURSE she'd do something like that!"

    You're damn right, honey.

    You go, girl! lol. I've had to put my foot down a few times and even had a Rear Admiral relieved of his job at a Naval Hospital. Justice must win. Period. (He made me walk to the other side of the hospital with a full bladder and a 7 month pregnant belly all because he didn't want me using his bathroom two doors down because I wasn't a high enough rank. Hello... Marine wives breed baby Marines. HELLO!!!!!)

  4. Good song choice and that is flippin awesome about your teacher! I live by "you will never know until you ask". How else are you going to get what you want :)


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