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Friday, April 22, 2011

Long Distance and being with a Military Man

Long distance relationships are not for everyone. They are almost as hard as boot-camp.. actually they are somewhat of a boot-camp. Its a relationship that is preparing you for your future with a military man. Before you even start dating a guy in the military I would tell you to ask yourself  some important questions.

1. Am I willing to be married to the military and come 2nd to my man even though in his heart I may be first?

2. Am I willing to go months without the emotional, physical, and spiritual support of my man because Uncle Sam has sent him far away for a long "trip"?

3. Am I willing to go without sex for months on end, as well as knowing the man I have given my heart and soul to could come home forever changed by what he saw, or even killed?

4. Am I willing to raise kids on my own for months without my man to help, with the 1 year old up all night  teething, or the 7 year old crying herself to sleep because she misses her Daddy?

5. Am I willing to get pregnant 2 months before a 7 month deployment and know that your husband will miss the birth of your child, and that you will have to go through this without him by your side telling you that everything is Ok and he loves you?

I"m not trying to make this a horrible and negative post at all.  I'm just wanting to show what you(and myself) have for your future if you marry military.  Now there are amazing moments. There is a HUGE pride you have for your man that you can't explain, and many more wonderful traits and character qualities. Plus they usually have HOT bodies to boot :) which is always a great bonus.

Always remember that even though this looks impossible and scary it IS possible.  It can be the most amazing, ADVENTUROUS, wild ride experience of your life,  God will never give you more than you are able to handle. Also think of it this way.  Our men need us standing right by there side supporting them in every way we can. If you look back in history you will see that every great leader and man of stature had an amazing wife standing behind him 1,0000000 percent !
Press on ladies and show your man that you believe in him and that you are by his side through the Good, Bad and ugly that the Military can dish, God has our backs.

Stay Strong and "Have your man's back" you and you alone are the most dangerous weapon to your man. You are the one who can hurt him the deepest... don't use that to destroy him and the work God has for him. Use it to Build him up.

Semper Fi, Amber joy


  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower and just thought I would say a little something to introduce myself.

    You are so right about everything in this post! I've been in a long-distance relationship with a Marine for 3 years now and it has its ups and downs. We've managed to stay strong and love each other constantly though. Long distance relationships aren't for everyone, but those who are strong enough to overcome are rewarded with the strength that their love provides.

    Thanks for this post! I'm looking forward to reading more from you :)

  2. great post!!
    and you are more than welcome to come over and do my laundry!!! :D haha!


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