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Monday, March 7, 2011

Do YOU believe in Fairy-tales and True love ?

I have been thinking a lot and missing my man tons so I thought Today would be a great day to tell a story. I love telling stories especially about me and my man . :)

How we first met
 (My version of course... if you ask my man he will give you an awesome version with his twist).

        Let me first say I did NOT want to meet my man at ALL.  Ok I'm glad I got that out in the open, BUT I'm SO glad I was hoodwinked into meeting him eventually.  I had just come out of a relationship and was hurting a little bit..ok a LOT bit. I was the most sad of creatures.. I didn't believe in love, or love at first site, nor did I believe there was a "prince charming" out there for anyone let alone for me. I was so pessimistic and pretty much hated all men. Then my big brother C. started talking to me about "some Marine" that would be "peeerrfect" for me, C. insisted that we meet.. and I INSISTED we DIDN'T meet. I said to him. C. I am NOT meeting your Jerk friend, he's a Marine and marines have a reputation.  "Unfortunately" C. was the most persistent, STUBBORN, Strong-willed, guy you could ever meet, and he kept at me.( I later found out he was doing the same thing to my man).

     After 8 months of "convincing" C. was about to leave with my man for their first deployment. C.'s family was going down to his base to see him off before he left. C "INSISTED" I come as well, who could refuse a great trip south ?? :) .  The day came and we left to a "undisclosed" location to drive 15 long hours to the base where C was stationed. My one demand  request was that I didn't meet this "jerk marine". WELL can you guess that my demand request was not honored? of course not.

      We finally get to the "undisclosed location", it was later in the evening (7pm) we had been up since 3am so we were all whooped tired. C. called us as we got closer to base and INSISTED we come see him that night instead of going to our beach house and relaxing, we of course started the process of getting on base
 ( not at ALL easy when your not military might I add)

 after lots of finagling we got on base and headed to some restaurant called Andy's. On a side note  (I did NOT know that the "jerk marine" was going to be there) we pull into the drive and I saw C. AND my man sitting on the railing and I thought to myself  ok "game on" I'm NOT going to be nice to this marine so he won't like me. (man was I a brat.) The car stopped and we all got out except me.. at first I didn't want to get out but of course I finally caved. I got out and stood to the side with my arms crossed and looking like I wanted to kill someone ( so I'm told) and C. was all excited and came over and gave lots of hugs, one thing though he didn't  introduce his jerk friend to me. My man didn't take long to just walk over and introduce himself to me he cautiously put out his to me and said "hello my name is D. C might have mentioned me."  I responded  "Hi" in a not really thrilled to meet you sort of way with a touch of brat.

    On the way down to the "undisclosed location" I said to myself  True love doesn't exist and I will NOT fall for this jerk marine.  Well lets just say it didn't go as planned... the day we met I (being stubborn) REFUSED to admit that I was smitten from the start by this guy. I tried to ignore and analytically  talk myself out of it.

my internal dialog went as followed " wow he has gorgeous eyes... NO amber stop it your not falling for this Jerk.... wow he has some serious muscles ... NO get a grip on yourself girl....he's a jerk marine remember.... wow I could listen to his voice forever... oh dear folks we've lost her lets count our loses and get while the gettings good."

well although I didn't admit it at the time,  I was smitten after the first day.  I didn't think I had a chance because I was so mean to him, but LUCKY for me that he's not the kind of man that looks at a challenge and runs... he's the type that see's a challenge and wants it all the more.
   .......Moral of the story true love DOES exist, and love at first site is possible... all you have to remember is  Love God first and trust HIM  to handle your love life and  a man  as AMAZING as mine might just be in your near future. :)

Hope you enjoyed one of my very fond memories, Semper Fi, Amber joy

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