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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Security and Bread knives

Ok so your all probably wondering what the title of this post is all about. Well I'm about to tell you...

As many of you know spring break has come and is almost gone already... (very sad).  I had a list of things to get done that was a million miles long, and one of them was getting a new military ID (ugh).... this process takes FOREVER. Let me tell you, the reason for this "fun", I need medical insurance and I was kicked off my daddy's insurance because I got too old. Well thanks to loop holes in the system I can be reinstated on his plan IF I give them a bunch of paperwork ( my favorite thing ever..NOT) lol.. and wait for HOURS.

Alright enough with all this now on to the story......

ok So I woke up really early to get ready to drive to the reserve base near me(about 35 min. away). I get to the gate and the guard stops me of course and asks for ID and then asked why I was coming on base, I told him why and he was very skeptical, I gave him ID and tried to convince him I wasn't a terrorist, but he seemed to think I was or something...lol. Anyway his partner went back to the guard house and made some calls... she then proceeds to call him aside and give him a word or two. Then he comes back over to scared little me and says "ma'me we are going to have to search your car" I was like oh dear my cars a mess.... then he said "open all your doors, compartments, and your hood and trunk".  I was kind of nervous I never had anyone search my car before.

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Then it hit me I was like oh NO ... did I take the machete (big knife thing) out of my car and the baseball bat?.. lol.. yeah I keep strange things in my car. After having a SLIGHT panic attack I came to the conclusion that I had removed said items from my car. Thank goodness... but THEN... I remembered that I still had a "weapon of mass destruction" (as my man said when I told him this story).. mmm I love him....that weapon was in fact a simple kitchen bread knife (serrated for extra measure) :)  then I had a little panic again thinking OH NO what if they find it under my floor mat ?? what will I tell them?  I tried to stay calm... (I would never make a good spy or anything you can read my like a book ).  The man with the M4 kept searching and the lady asked "do have anything to hide?"  I was like no of course not. well the guy looked under all the rugs except the one the knife was hiding under imagine that.. and I sighed with relief when he came back over to me and said ok she's all clear she can go. I was like HALALUYA !!

I got in my car and shakily drove toward the building that I would spend the next 4 HOURS waiting for some little ID card... Note to self ALWAYS bring homework with you cause you never know when you'll be waiting a LONG time for something. After forever and a day I was finally on my way out the door with a brand new hot of the press military ID. I was pretty happy at that point cause that means I have medical insurance until I"m a little bit older aka 1 year.. until they kick me off for good... the guy who gave me the ID was kinda like well just marry a military man and you won't have this problem... and I was like I plan to sir thank you very much.

So that is my story sorry if it was too long and boring.
anyway I'm off to bed now because I have an INSANELY busy day tomorrow( or today) with homework and possible skype date with my man!!! YAY !!!!!! I haven't seen his face in over 4 months or so I really hope I can see him.
Thanks for reading my craziness friends, more stories to come.
Semper Fi, Amber joy

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