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Semper Fi !!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello all and Welcome to my blog My post today is a link up with a great lady over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots. I have done this once before and I had a great time. Hope you enjoy and head on over to her blog to link up too.

I think it is OUTSTANDING that I have an amazing girlfriend who keeps me motivated about going to the gym, Thanks Alberta!

I am so PROUD of myself for getting my head on straight again  and getting my focus back in regards to the 2nd half of this semester..(I have my work cut out for me to get things back to where they SHOULD be).

Since going to the gym 4 days a week I feel so 
ENERGIZED  and I'm so excited to see my man and have him see the self improvement I've done not only in my body but also in my self esteem. 

I think it is SPLENDID that i have great friends at college that like to be around me (new experience for me being a lone ranger and all most of my life)  Love you ladies out there Bethany, Alberta, Diane, Kelly and all you who know who you are. 

It is WONDERFUL  that my family is ok after there bad car accident today. God was looking out for them for sure. My 9 siblings walked away without a scratch, even though they hopped a ditch and ran into a telephone pole.

Thanks for reading and checking out my blog hope you have an AMAZING day. 

Semper Fi, Amber joy


  1. What a great list! Glad to hear that your family is ok.

  2. I've been working out the past few days and I'm feeling awesome! Hopefully it keeps up! Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. That IS wonderful that your family is okay! How scary!

  4. I am so ready to get back to working out after over a week hiatus. I have missed my running!

  5. New follower! I'm also a military GIRLFRIEND :)
    Looking forward to reading moreee!

  6. Awe thanks doll! I love being gym buddies!


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