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Semper Fi !!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Memories ♥

         I LOVE telling stories... especially ones about me and my marine. :)  I was sitting in bed thinking about the memories we have made.I decided to share one of my memories with you.
Let me paint you a picture....Its a beautiful hot July day on a North Carolina beach..... there is  a girl who's head over combat boots in love. She won't admit it to herself for anything.
         It was the second day of meeting my marine, witnesses say it was like a magnetic charge was between us and that we were to stubborn to see that we were both in puppy love. I certainly didn't see that we were all sparkles and smiles together.  I was told that they were laughing inside at us saying to themselves its only a matter of time before these two are together.  
         Anyway.... we were on the beach with friends and my man was teasing and showing off a lil bit (I was watching but pretending to ignore it).  I was actually quite oblivious for the most part really I was ... I couldn't tell that he really wanted to wrap me in his arms, the sneaky man figured out a way to do it without freaking out a somewhat distant nonphysical touch kind of girl.( I have since reformed..lol). I was by the waters edge and was enjoying my view of miles of ocean when all of a sudden I was completely airborne and couldn't figure out how this came about. Until I looked down at what was around my waist, and I saw one strong muscular arm of a certain marine.
       At that point I was slightly panicked I then began to yell at him to ..I quote "PUT ME DOWN" .. inside I really didn't want him to but oh the things we do because we worry about what other people will think.  He actually was about to dunk me head first into the ocean but got this WISE revelation that he should put the girl down and swim far enough into the ocean where she couldn't reach him That is what he did.  After a long time and a few weeks of officially dating I asked him about that day and he confessed that he really wanted to put his arms around me and thats the only way he thought would work without freaking me out. He is really smart until then I had thought it was just  silly and that he had no real motive to what he did.
          I will always remember that moment  I felt really dainty,  my man picked me up with ONE arm...  I have a really strong man and I love him so very much.
    I look forward to the many more memories that we can make together. :)
I love you handsome man !! stay safe and come home soon so we can make more memories. ♥♥♥
Semper Fi, Amber joy

2nd Day meeting my man. First picture together
(again taken against our will,.. we didn't want pictures together.. "Yet")

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