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Friday, February 18, 2011

Serious.. or not so serious now that is the question....

 I often have a hard time when it comes to making schedules and appointments. I am the type of girl that if you come up to me bleeding profusely I keep completely calm and I'm able to evaluate the situation with ease. However, IF you tell me I have to do something related to paperwork or scheduling stuff I seem to lose all sanity.  I have realized that along with Bio, Chemistry, and algebra. I am learning to handle LOTS of paper work and doctor appointments (due to my car accident). I must say I find  it harder to evaluate paperwork related things, compared to physical emergencies. I find it much easier to deal with "life or death" situations, crazy right ?? From what I'm told most people are just the opposite as  me and panic with "life and death" and are calm as a cucumber when they get a paper. I remind myself that paperwork will always be in my life and if I want to be a good wife and helpmate to my man someday I must get this paper work thing down pat.  If you have any amazing tips on keeping it all together "Paperwork speaking" .. feel free to let me know. I'm eager to learn all I can.Semper Fi , Amber joy
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