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Semper Fi !!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Should be doing homework

Ok so I should be doing homework but I'm having one of those I miss you like crazy moments. I don't know , you can call it hormones or whatever you like. I missed a phone call from my man because I was in bio class. It broke my heart to see he had called and I didn't answer it. He left me the most amazingly sweet voicemail, man I love that man. I hope he tries to call me again soon and that I will be able to answer it. I have been finding new military ladies to encourage me while I try my best to encourage others. I remind myself that I'm not the only girl out there missing her man and I won't be the last this is not all about me.  
Semper Fi, Amber Joy 

Found this song and it made my heart ache... I know this is what my man  is thinking right now....

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