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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PMS (pretty mad sister)

PMS is a puzzling disorder yes I say its a disorder because no matter how "prepared" I am for it I still feel all discombobulated  and confused. Today I had 3 hours of chemistry class and 1 1/2 hours of algebra class plus an exam. On a normal day I would not have bat an eye but today if felt like I was trying to memorize the dictionary or something. I have exciting news though I have found a secret weapon that combats the symptoms of PMS it may not be a cure but at least it helps with keeping your sanity. The wonder pill(yes its THAT easy swallow a pill) it is called Evening Primrose Oil and when I first came into contact with it I was of course skeptical as all the rest of you BUT it really does work !! Moral of my tale is to TRY it and see how it works for you your man will thank you and so will all the other people having to deal with your "lovely" disorder. Semper Fi , Amber Joy
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 Actual Flower of Evening Primrose

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