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Monday, February 28, 2011

A day at the mall

          I had a VERY eventful weekend. My little sister came to visit me. I thought it would be fun to go to the mall and she had a coupon to one of my favorite stores so off we went.  While at the mall we had some adventures :) the first one happened over lunch, have you ever noticed that mall food is GROSS and EXPENSIVE !?? .   Anyway we went to saboro pizza and each got a slice. First they just slapped my sisters piece onto a plate and I kindly said that we didn't want COLD pizza and I told them to heat it up. The clerk rolled their eyes and proceeded to put our pizza in the oven.  Within a few minutes our pizza was being handed to us except mine was missing something ... my slice of pizza had  BITE out of it !!!    

           After that we shopped a little more and headed to the car. Low and behold my car wouldn't start !.. of course stubborn girl that I am didn't call for help right away I tried to start my car quite a few times first ... then I flagged down to guys in the parking lot that I THOUGHT they might possibly have some knowledge about cars...sadly I was mistaken, and these dudes barely knew what a battery was. They tried jump starting the car but it didn't work so they gladly said goodbye.

         After a short while later and many more attempts it still wouldn't start.  Then a nice lady came up with her little blue VW with her twin boys they were SO cute !!  The nice lady tried to help by jumping again, but it still wasn't starting. (someone I know said my car is just as stubborn and I am) imagine that ..lol When the starting thing didn't work she packed us like sardines in a lil can and drove us to a parts store where I bought a new battery (hopping that would fix all my problems) wrong again... we got it back, installed it and still nothing. At that point I called peoples what can I say the whole trying things on my own wasn't working to well and it only accomplished getting me 75 dollars in the hole.  Finally we got home after my car was smacked with a hammer, I was so tired and did some homework and went to bed.
        I don't want to see the mall for a VERY long time.
 Semper Fi, Amber joy

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