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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Have I Learned Anyway ??

"Education is not about just filling your head with  information it is about learning and understanding" ~ Unknown

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        I have learned a great deal about education this past week. I have learned that taking three science/math classes in one semester is crazy. I am a very stubborn young woman and I was told by many people close to me that I was breaking off more than I could chew this semester but did I listen ...nooooo I had to learn these things the hard way.  I have been thinking really hard about my approach to my goal of becoming a nurse. I have realized that my expectations on myself are WAY to high. I need to look at my goal and be more realistic of course all this came about AFTER I nearly drowned myself in unrealistic expectations and classes. I am here to say I am a "humbled tigger". I have now started the long and refreshing journey of lowering the expectation line just a little bit (without compromising my goal) in-order to become a healthy, organized, talented nurse someday, and its OK if it takes longer than I want because I realized rushing to get a degree is the stupidest thing to do because when you rush something you tend to lose the QUALITY for the quantity.
What about you ,Are you goals way to high ? Should you maybe sit down and rethink your approach of accomplishing your goal?
Something to think about.

Semper Fi ,
Amber Joy

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